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Im amused.   
07:29am 29/10/2008
  for some reason the ability to care about things gets dulled by boredom.  
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my life is simple.   
08:41pm 15/07/2008
  im bored i think I will just run a lot. that makes sense.  
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Its on now:)   
05:38pm 03/06/2008
  School is starting soon:) I love school:)  
i sad.   
07:16am 01/06/2008
  My favorite dog wendy died i am sad.  
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it happens   
06:47pm 04/05/2008
  well i guess summer had to have some drama:) it happens.I spent 4 days figuratively and literally healing up. Im well rested and ready to go again:) been drunk out of my mind. Had a lot of fun to last me all of next school year. and i still got one month to go:) so im helaed up. Im back in Quezon city which is where i plan to stay for a while:) give me a text anytime and anyday if you wnat to hang out guys:) im ready for summer version 2 to start:)  
06:57pm 17/04/2008
  i moved into makati for the summer iof any of you guys are in the area give me a text. we normally start drinking at 1pm and end at around 6am.....we do that everyday:)  
summertime and the living is easy:)   
10:23pm 13/04/2008
  Ill be moving to makati for a few months aka summertime so if anybody is n the area lets get stupid drunk somewhere:)  
I think ill start using this again.   
11:04pm 27/03/2008
  yeah im good. I just think ill write more on this thing just because I guess.  
12:39am 28/02/2008
  im going to try soemthing i have not done in a while. hope it works.  
what i want to say   
04:11pm 22/12/2007
  new year is comign and io only have one thing to say:) but to make it different those who know me relpy and say what i got to say:)  
all is good:)   
04:36pm 17/12/2007
  got everything i wanted for x-mas early i love being me:)  
09:55am 15/12/2007
  i have a psp.:)  
in pain.   
08:47am 30/11/2007
  my skins astma acted up now i cant move my hands without pain  
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i need a part time job   
05:17pm 25/11/2007
  im bored with time im looking for a part time job its this simple as long as its legal and pays money ill do it..  
listen people who know me.   
09:03pm 19/11/2007
  remember i dont need a reason to do anything and that i come and go like the wind hahah:) i no longer have a hat but thanks very much to Cat who lent me the hat. now i have a gay pink umbrella:)  
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07:33pm 15/11/2007
  i am a happy man. sem break was really cool. lots of booze cards, and general me travelling and woandering like what i love to do. nearly set a record at brian's but hey i guess ill break it some other time. school statred the way it's supposed to with me leaving a mess oif drunken bodies in my wake.  
I have a hat.   
10:20pm 13/11/2007
  Yes yes. I have a hat now. its a lucky hat. its not a bat or a cat. bla bla bla. it a nice hat:) and yes i like it. Oh eveyrybody who knows me YM me a message i think i accidentally erased alomost all of my contacts. smiley_the_kidd@yahoo.com but i have a hat and thats that. and yes i will return it. ill pass by ateneo on friday. wala lang.  
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finally sem break starts   
08:10pm 15/10/2007
  I finished all my requirements all thats left is to take the exam tomorrow.:)

so I finally get to do what i have been wanting to do for a loooonnnggg time:) which is...

make myself a cup of hot chocolate:) stay in bed:)
listen to some classical music while reading a good book:)
yes that seems like the perfect way to spend sem break:)
Into the night by santana feat chad from nickleback:)   
10:41am 03/10/2007
  somethin about listening to santana's guitar with chad krouger's voice reminds me who i am. :)  
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Im done.   
08:51pm 02/09/2007
  been too much of a sell out lately. Ill be back in a couple of months. I got to take care of stuff.